Blitz Health - Industry Leaders IN Virtual Peer-to-Peer Speaker Programs

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly turning to web-based meetings as their go to peer-to-peer tactic. Blitz Health's webinars are the best in the industry, and we want to show you just how effective they can be at educating your customers in a compliant yet dynamic event.

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Our virtual Programs feature: 

  • Expertly moderated by a Blitz Group Learning Expert

  • User-friendly, 2-way video conference technology

  • Multiple formats for all Brand needs

    • High Definition Broadcasts

    • National KOL Webcasts

    • Local Webinars

    • KOL 1-to-1 Video Conferences

    • Recorded On-demand Presentations

  • Full technology support for Speaker, Reps and HCPs

  • Interactive polling and Q&A

  • Full registration systems and web sites

  • Fully compliant implementation and complete attendance reporting

  • Seamless integration with agency of record and speakers bureau vendor

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