Let us analyze your target list

We love data. It informs everything we do and helps us set realistic plans that meet our clients' needs by fully utilizing our proprietary behavioral and preference data on over 800,000 HCPs.

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Our list analysis includes: 

  • Available contact methods - postal, phone, fax, email

  • Office Details - personnel, associated NP/PA/Nurse, Patient Educators, other HCPs at location, etc.

  • Contact preferences - methods HCPs have informed us are their preferred channels

  • Contact History - when did we last engage this HCP and what was the general outcome

  • Engagement History - have any events or other engagements been acted upon

  • Geographic analysis via CBSA clustering to provide insight into physical live meeting potential

All of this data goes into a custom scoring engine that, when married to your client data, provides a multi-dimensional analysis drawing on behavior, preference, and client script/detail segmentation.

We normally provide this $5,000 benefit to signed clients but am opening it up to prospects.

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