HCP Virtual Customer Service, Blitz Can Engage and Educate Customers for Your Brand

Communicating Brand information to-and-from Physicians, HCPs and Patients is what we do! For over 20 years, pharmaceutical companies have trusted the Blitz Health team to provide Virtual Customer Service to its valued customers.

All programs are customized to meet the individual need of the Brand. We have the skill set to design and conduct virtually any type of communication and engagement specific to your objectives. Whether you require a focused turn-key solution or large white space campaign; we are agile and ready to help.


Our Virtual Customer Service offerings include the following: 

  • White space / Gray space campaigns & Vacant Territory Coverage

  • Generating requests for samples, patient materials, and enduring materials

  • Raise awareness in Patient compliance & adherence programs

  • Supplement field force event recruitment - Drive attendance to peer-to-peer programming

  • Inbound and outbound services

  • Market research and satisfaction surveys

  • Engaging Non-called on and No-see Physicians

Reasons why our Clients partner with Blitz Health include:

  • Dedicated HCP specific call center with experienced personnel engaging clinicians every day

  • Proprietary database with over 800,000 HCPs (enhanced with historical engagement preferences)

  • Includes over 300,000 NPs and PAs, many linked to MDs

  • Our proprietary HCP database brings 20 years of HCP engagement insights to work for your Brand

  • We deliver results and ROI

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