“Personalized” Non-Personal Promotion

Sales Rep access to physicians has declined, leading to the rise of non-personal promotion (NPP), especially in the area of digital media. Although NPP has become a required component for multi-channel marketing campaigns, we believe it's missing the very component that keeps sales reps relevant – live interaction and dialogue. In response, we developed an additional channel that brings personal dialogue back into NPP campaigns, Tele-service.

MEDICAL Customer Service / OutReach CENTER

We are well-versed and professionally staffed with several levels of knowledgeable tele-service operators who work exclusively in healthcare. Blitz provides solutions ranging from product awareness and event attendance campaigns to more comprehensive virtual engagement efforts including customer service and inside sales.


We engage each customer with an integrated communication plan (ICP) using the right channels to reach each unique customer and surrounding them with the most appropriate educational resources and brand assets to move them through the adoption spectrum. We facilitate follow-up engagements based on responses and insights to increase product awareness, accelerate customer acquisition, and strengthen the customer relationship.

Cost Effective HCP Engagement:

  • Whitespace & Grayspace engagement
  • Personalized NPP campaigns
  • Customer Service Campaigns
  • Tele-Detail
  • Event Recruitment