The brand marketers we work with are increasingly being asked to do more with less. Shrinking budgets and increased sales goals have led us to develop cost-effective engagement strategies that are able to connect low-cost non-personal promotion to the higher-cost sales detail. 

We construct a fluid design that can respond to what we see in the field while optimizing between overall cost-per-customer and level of engagement each tactic provides. 


  • Enhanced insight and access to your customers with our database

  • Event audience generation

  • Whitespace and grayspace engagement

  • NPP campaigns with integrated personalized outreach

  • Tele-detail campaigns

  • Customer/Practice profiling and surveying

  • Speaker Fair Market Value (FMV) assessments


  • Virtual Web-based Programming

    • Webinars

    • National webcasts

    • Web and tele-conferences

    • Video conferences

    • KOL 1-to-1s

    • On demand presentations

  • Expert Program Moderators

  • Speaker Training

    • Live virtual training sessions

    • Recorded training sessions

  • Innovative Speaker Bureau Models

    • New structures that fit today's economics

  • Virtual Advisory Boards

    • Video conferencing