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Marketing Driven Virtual Peer-to-Peer Programming Best Practices

With an increasing number of pharma marketers looking to integrate Blitz Health’s marketing driven peer-to-peer programming into their tactical plans, we thought this would be a good time to discuss best practices.

Leverage an Insightful HCP Database
With no-see and limited access clinicians becoming the norm, it has become critical for pharma marketers to know they can effectively access whitespace targets. Target HCP databases with current contact information, clinical colleague connections, as well as past educational engagement behavior allows outreach to be efficient and effective, driving attendance and engagement with brand educational resources.

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Use Effective Outreach and Recruitment Methods
Digital outreach needs to be paired with a personal channel that can assess any hesitation or objection. Tele-service campaigns afford the opportunity, through dialogue, to understand HCP needs so the right content and educational format can be leveraged. Additionally, tele-service outreach brings the ability to gather valuable objection data on a large segment of customers who are “non-responders” to existing digital channels.

Provide Multiple Opportunities for HCPs to Learn
If an HCP responds “no” to an offer of registering for an educational webinar, perhaps she will say “yes” to participate in an online enduring material or with printed educational and patient resources. Be prepared to offer several ways interested HCPs can engage with brand resources. We typically see 50% target list penetration when HCPs are provided educational resource options.

Make Your Virtual Peer-to-Peer Events Engaging and Insightful
Dynamic learning events are possible. Make sure that the meeting moderators have properly trained the speaker, are utilizing 2-way video, and have structured the webinar to encourage discussion and questions. Using peer-to-peer dialogue and interactive polling will help to accelerate learning, emphasize strategic messaging, and provide insights marketers can leverage in future brand planning.

Build on Marketing Driven Engagement Success
Think of these initial educational engagements as the beginning of a long-term relationship with customers. Continue to provide each customer with personalized support and educational resources through tele-service engagement and digital communications. Communicate HCP engagement data and insights with sales reps so they can follow-up to strengthen the relationship with their customers.


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