Peer-to-Peer Education in Pharma Isn’t Enough

If you are a pharma brand marketer whose budget is loaded with a full calendar of peer-to-peer “P2P” educational events, you might be wondering how you’ll educate the majority of physicians who do not attend these events. Or, you think you have the rest of your HCP targets covered through non-personal promotion with a slew of digital channels. After all, pharma is in the middle of a transition from push to pull marketing. HCPs are overburdened with increased patient loads and EHR upkeep, plus more and more MDs are digital natives, a demand which has led producing information in new formats.

What hasn’t changed is that HCPs want to learn from key opinion leaders (KOLs) and stay current on the latest advances to provide their patients with the best possible care and quality of life.

Blitz Health has been engaging HCP customers for 20+ years, conducting tens of thousands of P2P events and helping clients with non-personal promotion.

Next to the Sales Rep, one tactic we have found to consistently enable the success of other channels – tele-service outreach from our medical engagement call center.

We are able to engage HCP customers in a focused, integrated educational approach to drive attendance to P2P programming, facilitate rep access, and direct the uptake of alternative learning channels.

Our outreach methods leverage brand tactics and assets for both HCP and patient audiences in printed and digital formats. We advance educational uptake by delivering an appropriate learning opportunity to each customer based on what we uncover through our dialogue-based teleservice outreach. Our goal has always been to create multiple pathways that allow HCPs to say “yes” to educational engagements and consume brand information according to their own preferences in a tactic-agnostic process. 

Our only preference is that we have tactics spanning the channel types listed above – listening, seeing, and experiencing. Using this multi-channel approach allows us to dramatically increase HCP engagement with brand resources.  Whereas 5% of HCP targets might attend peer-based learning, Blitz Health normally achieves 60% overall brand messaging penetration through P2P event attendance, branded messaging via telephone/mail/digital, and pharma rep details scheduled by our engagement call center.  

Our dialogue-based outreach is designed to uncover information needs, counter objections, and test message affinity. When an HCP declines event participation, we offered the “decliner” digital assets based on any objections and affinities as well as a physical education kit that includes patient educational tools and materials, co-pay cards and vouchers, and brand materials for the HCP and staff. For customers who request alternative tactics, in lieu of P2P programming, we simply re-order the subsequent engagements. Our follow up calls inquire about brand perception, messaging effectiveness, and usage of the materials in order to offer follow-on educational opportunities.

In a recent case, 60% of those who received kits used and shared the materials with patients. Not only was this segment much larger than the P2P attendee group, but they found the engagement valuable and confirmed they would like similar types of educational opportunities in the future. We created more customers outside of P2P events.

With this approach of using dialogue-based tele-service to customize HCP engagement across multiple touch points, a brand is able to get their message out to a much larger set of customers, optimize reach, and create lasting impact.

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