Our Take: The Expanding Role of Nurses in both Primary and Specialty Care

Blitz recently wrote a piece on pharma’s relationship with NPs and PAs. Pharmaceutical Commerce has an in-depth piece expanding that discussion to nurses. It's a bit older but the topics continue to be relevant.

More and more nurses (just like NPs and PAs) are involved in the total care of the patient. Nursing professional groups and large employers are working to raise nurse education levels and are on Pharma’s radar. The industry is engaging with the entire medical office because they see how ancillary HCPs impact treatment decisions by being on the front line dealing with teaching patients proper protocols and dealing with side effects. Blitz handles programs like this for our clients by using our telephone engagement reps and total practice solutions aimed at delivering targeted content to each HCP.

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Pharmaceutical Commerce
Suzanne Shelley

Smart pharma marketers know that, for many types of medications, a physician is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to prescribing decisions: nursing staff play an advisory or outright decisionmaking role of their own. Among marketing and medical affairs departments, there are discussions and organized efforts to assist nursing staff in prescribing and administering medications; among nursing organizations, there is a constant call for better training, support and education for working nurses. Read on at Pharmaceutical Commerce.